Carrizales starts the launching of its pomegranate’s juice. VitalGrana will be distributed within the European and Asian markets first, and we are working on a line of light marmalades. J.C. ROMERO | ELCHE. Offer products that boost the countless benefits of the pomegranate, and develop compounds that maximize the properties of the same, such as ‘anti-aging’ drinks (rejuvenating), nourishing cosmetics, recovering drinks, vitamin complements and prevention of illnesses, among other things, is the aim of the VitalGrana’s project, run under the umbrella of the Agricultural Natural Park of Carrizales. The project, run by the farmers in May 2009, contained as many countless possibilities as such an enterprise could offer: agriculture, different touristic typologies, environmental preservation, transformation’s industries of agricultural products in a handmade and sustainable way, handcrafts and manufactures related to natural products, without forgetting about the cultural traditions. One of the spearheads of this enterprise that was set out at this time was the elaboration of pomegranate’s juice and, after months of hard work, the dream became true. In a premise of Catral -«the idea was to mount it in Elche but the previous government team did not collaborate in order to ease the procedures», said Manuel Esclapez, president of the water right holders of Carrizales-, but in the «neuralgic centre of the pomegranate’s commercialization». There is a direct access to the harvested fields of San Isidro, Albatera, Crevillent, la Vega Baja «and, of course, Elche», and as Manuel Esclapez explained, «we directly stock up on farmers, who provide the pomegranate, up to 70% from the land, and they are first quality selected, though we also work with different distributors». The production’s chain began to operate «fifteen days ago», after two months of tests, though «the company’s technicians did spend more time developing the industrial machinery». For the elaboration of the juice, as he said, «we peel the pomegranate and squeeze 100% of the grain, very Little of the peel, and the whole membrane that separates the grains, which possesses many properties and is Omega 5 enriched». Thus we obtained, given to Manuel Esclapez, «a great quality product, with a pleasant taste and a natural colour. This is a juice of squeezed pomegranates, with a unique industrial process». It already arouses the interest of big chains of national distribution, said Esclapez, «and above all, of first level European and Asian markets. We offer a product at an affordable and competitive price». The industrial team also works on the elaboration of a light pomegranate’s line, «and we also want to use watermelons, cherries, figs, all that exists within the region, and make pomegranate’s juices with other fruits such as oranges». All that can be interesting for the market. Besides, «we possess our own laboratory inside the Scientific Park of the University Manuel Hernández with a biologist, an agricultural engineer and two chemists», working on the project and development of its cosmetic application. Interpretation Centre The premise of the company will open, at the beginning of 2012, the Centre of Interpretation of the Pomegranate Tree Conseller García Antón, in memory of a person who, as highlighted by Manuel Esclapez, «did always support us and was there any time because the enterprise seemed very interesting to him». It will be an area to show, promote and spread all aspects related to the pomegranate tree in general, and the pomegranate in particular, always present in agriculture, economy and culture of the regions of Vega Baja and Baix Vinalopó. It will allow the valorisation of the pomegranate tree, its flowers and fruits, highlighting in particular the disclosure of its countless healthy properties, well known by the most ancient civilizations. Esclapez talked about «a centre opened to the public, with a route that we are profiling», and at the end, the visitor who wishes it, will be able to buy a diversity of products. A “whole” route is proposed, in order to offer «its most relevant aspects, from the analysis of its morphology, its cultivation’s mode and its role within history and culture», to the analysis of its properties, «focused on the products we offer», and assigned to new uses and applications within fields as different as gastronomy, cosmetics or medicine. ELCHE December 12nd, 2011 – 01:16 PM- The project of Carrizales pretends to have, as main values, the confidence, the social engagement, the transparency and the quality. All of it through a unique production’s process by the means of specific equipment for the pomegranate «which maximizes the maintenance of its properties», and by subjecting the fruit to a complete hygiene’s process. VitalGrana considers that the social engagement can be proven with a «specific support» to research «in order to improve the quality of life of persons who might suffer from illnesses or are already ill», through the collaboration with entities which dedicate their effort in order to improve the quality of life of people «by the means of the development of beneficial and natural products» and research departments of Universities for the study of new products. Besides supporting the country and the agriculture, «by offering a system of work thanks to which all the links of the supply chain profit from, starting with the farmer». Vitalgrana considers itself as a transparent company, and, therefore, «all clients will be able to visit the Centre of Interpretation of the Pomegranate Tree» and the premises, in order to appreciate the traceability of the process. Whenever you wish to read the news on the web page of La Verdad, click here.

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