Omega 5 pomegranate oil

Omega 5 oil obtained from the pomegranate seed is one of the most potent antioxidants known to date. Therefore, to enjoy all the benefits of this active ingredient, Vitalgrana has created the first and only organic pomegranate oil capsule on the market.

At Vitalgrana we have created the product Vitalgrana Omega 5, organic pomegranate oil capsules. Omega 5 is considered the omega of well-being and beauty. And this source of health has effects controlling blood cholesterol and maximum antioxidant power to combat the loss of skin elasticity.

The latter is the most outstanding feature of Vitalgrana Omega 5, as its effects on skin ageing can stimulate the production of collagen up to 58% to gain strength and firmness in the skin, elastin by 48% to avoid flaccidity and production of telomerase up to 20% to combat ageing. If you do not look or feel as good as before, Vitalgrana Omega 5 is for you!

But how does Vitalgrana Omega 5 get you all these benefits easily and conveniently? Simple! It comes from the pomegranate oil obtained through the cold pressing of organic seeds grown in Alicante, Spain and without the intervention of any chemical product. In addition, you can get all the benefits of Vitalgrana Omega 5 without any side effects, contraindication and without having to have periods away from the product. The pomegranate oil in the capsules of Vitalgrana Omega 5 is a natural and 100% organic product. The pomegranates from which it is obtained have been cultivated without pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides.

In each capsule of Vitalgrana Omega 5 you will find 2,000 pomegranate seeds converted into oil and ready to help you fight skin ageing. Do not make them wait, start to feel and look better today!