Disfruta de este zumo 100% exprimido procedente de las variedades Mollar y Wonderful. Obtenidas de cultivos de proximidad y de origen nacional. Cuya mezcla entre ambas variedades se considera una Acidez Media.

If you want to benefit from the properties of pomegranate, if you’re looking for a freshly squeezed juice made from the best Spanish pomegranates from our own crops, and if you want a very smooth and sweet taste — well, you’re in the right place!

Our freshly squeezed pomegranate juices are obtained only from healthy and ripe fruits from local crops. And we can guarantee the highest quality of our products because we cultivate and select the best pomegranates and control the entire production process ourselves.

Enjoy this 100% squeezed juice from the Mollar de Elche variety. Obtained from local crops and of national origin, the two-variety blend is considered to be of medium acidity. We squeeze 100% of the pomegranate so that our juices don’t lose any of their magnificent properties and to ensure you notice the benefits both inside and out.

Pomegranate is also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation is an underlying factor in many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. By reducing inflammation, pomegranate can help prevent them.

We can make our pomegranate juice the way we do thanks to our innovative system (Vitalgrana Totum System®) that uses the entire pomegranate. Why do we use the whole fruit? Because a large proportion of the pomegranate’s active ingredients are concentrated in the pomegranate membranes and peel. With SUPREME, you’ll maximise the benefits of this beloved superfood: the pomegranate.

Give your health a boost with the beneficial properties of pomegranate, and start taking care of yourself the way you deserve to feel — better than ever!