Organic Farming

Organic farming respects nature’s own mechanisms for pest control and diseases in crops and avoid using pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and growth hormones and antibiotics, as well as the genetic manipulation. As an alternative, the organic producers employ a number of techniques 100% natural that contributes to preserve ecosystems and reduce the pollution.

It has been many years since organic farming and the products coming from this activity have an official endorsement. This form of farming has been regulated by the EU. In Spain, this issue is managed by the SEAE Organic Farming Spanish Society that Vitalgrana forms an active part since the staff participates as speakers in seminars and training days to promote organic farming. This is a government organization with no economic interests and responsible for ensuring the authenticity of products from organic farms transferred to different regions of Spain.

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Vitalgrana is a pioneer in the region of organic farming implementation. At present, it is proprietary of 30 000 pomegranate trees with organic certification. As well, they do a promotion job for other farmers to accomplish the transition from conventional to organic farming.

Vitalgrana has a wide variety of products with organic certification, Vitalgrana Omega 5, pomegranate and other fruit juices, pomegranate jam, etc. under the strict control of the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community in the European scope.

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GMP Certification

Good Manufacture Practice

The certification of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by SGS guarantees the integrity of the manufacturing process of Vitalgrana Omega 5 and its compliance with food safety regulations to provide maximum quality to this product. This certificate concerns the manufacture and production of pomegranate seed oil in bulk, the capsules of pomegranate seed oil in PET containers and capsules in boxes of 30 and 60 capsules.

The good manufacture practice certification (GMP) of SGS ensures the integrity of Vitalgrana Omega 5 food manufacturing process and also the compliance with food safety regulations to provide this product with the highest quality.

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IFS Food Certificate

International Featured Standard

We have the IFS Food for the manufacture and bottling of 100% Pomegranate Juices, both conventional and organic in glass of 750 ml and 200 ml, as well as juices packed in drums for storage and distribution for wholesalers.

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Vitalgrana and the environment

In Vitalgrana we try to preserve the maximum organoleptic characteristics of our products, for this reason the juices are packaged in glass bottles.


The feature of this material is the impermeability, which makes possible the non-interference with the content without any alteration to the taste, odor or composition, as well as resisting cold and heating conditions. Glass avoids migration of substances from the package to the product providing additional quality compared to other material packaging.

These ensures the optimum and long-lasting conservation of our juices original qualities. Also, the transparency allows to show the product quality and this approaches greatly the product to the consumer. It is the only material 100% recyclable, so it is an environmental protective material that complies with the philosophy of Vitalgrana.

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