Natural pomegranate juices

Looking for natural, 100% squeezed organic juices? You are in the perfect place! Vitalgrana Organic juices are obtained from the squeezing of organic pomegranates grown and selected by us in Alicante, Spain, and nothing else, just fruit!

When harvesting the pomegranate in the Autumn (October to February approximately), at Vitalgrana we select and process the pomegranates daily. In our farmlands we use local and traditional methods that respect the environment. During the harvest we ensure that the pomegranates are at their optimum ripeness. To process the fruit we use a patented method called Vitalgrana TotumSystem® that allows us to obtain a unique squeezed pomegranate juice so that you can take care of yourself and take care of your environment, because we know that what makes you feel your best is the most natural product.

As proof of its quality, the entire process of cultivation, reception, production and packaging of our natural organic juices has been controlled and certified by the Official Authorized Organism of Organic Agriculture of the EU. This certificate guarantees that the fruit has grown and matured without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilisers.

The Vitalgrana Organic juices are not only obtained in an organic way but are also put through a pressing and squeezing system that takes advantage of all the parts of the pomegranate. In particular attention is paid to the peel and the membranes, because a lot of active principles are concentrated here. The innovative production system of these natural juices separates each of the parts of this super fruit.

If you want to take care of yourself in the best way, and take care of our surroundings, choose your ideal size of our natural juice and get ready to feel all its benefits. Well-being is on the way!