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If I am diabetic type I or II, I can take pomegranate juice Vitalgrana?

You can take Vitalgrana juice, and any fruit juice naturally done by yourself, but we have to combine it with other foods to lower its glycaemic index such as nuts, eggs, meat, etc. Be sure, however, to control their glucose levels.

When should I take omega Vitalgrana 5?

It is recommended take it before breakfast, in order to improve the absorption of the product.

I am celiac and I need to know if your products (juice and Vitalgrana Omega 5) contain gluten.

None of these products contain gluten, so you can consume with confidence.

For an elite athlete, when it is advisable to take the juice Vitalgrana?

For an athlete, it is best to consume the time of maximum activity, to improve its antioxidant capacity.

I’m pregnant and I’m still taking Vitalgrana Omega 5. Do you think I can continue taking it?

This product doesn’t have contraindications, but in your case, you should always consult with your doctor / gynaecologist to keep taking it.

I take a treatment, because I suffer from a disease. Are there any contraindications to Vitalgrana Omega 5?

There is no contraindication. However, despite being natural products, before starting to consume, you should always consult with your doctor.

For more efficient effect on muscle recovery. When is convenient to take pomegranate juice before or after exercise?

To improve muscle recovery, you can take after sports activity. However, to improve the efficiency of the optimal antioxidant product, you can consume before to the completion of exercise.

For a person with a normal level of physical activity, what is the best moment to take Vitalgrana Juice?

Breakfast or lunches are ideal moments to take our product to obtain the required dose of antioxidants for the course of the day.

I suffer hypertension and I have a treatment with a pill in the morning, I can take a day Vitalgrana pomegranate juice?

There is no problem in hypertensive persons. In fact, there are human trials, guided by prestigious universities that evidence the fall in blood pressure in just two weeks, in a group of people who consume pomegranate juice daily.

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