Disfruta de este zumo 100% exprimido procedente de la Variedad Wonderful. Obtenidas de cultivos de proximidad y de origen nacional. Se considera una Acidez Alta.

Are you looking for a 100% squeezed pomegranate juice? Do you want to take care of yourself? Well, let us help you! If you buy this pack, you’ll be taking home a natural juice full of beneficial properties to boost your health.

Enjoy this 100% squeezed juice from the Mollar de Elche variety. Obtained from local crops and of national origin, the two-variety blend is considered to be of high acidity. We squeeze 100% of the pomegranate so that our juices don’t lose any of their magnificent properties and to ensure you notice the benefits both inside and out.

It’s a fresh juice for you to enjoy every morning. You can’t get better than 100% squeezed juices if you want a natural juice packed full of wellness.

Pomegranate and pomegranate juice are an excellent addition to a healthy and balanced diet. With its combination of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and other healthy compounds, pomegranate can help improve health in many different ways.