Disfruta de este zumo 100% exprimido procedente de la Variedad Mollar de Elche. Obtenidas de cultivos de proximidad y de origen nacional. Cuya mezcla entre ambas variedades se considera una Acidez Baja.

Healthy pomegranate juice

100% squeezed juices are obtained only from healthy and ripe fruits. Our 100% squeezed juices are made from pressed and squeezed pomegranates (Punica Granatum) grown in Spain. To guarantee the quality of our juices, we grow and select only the best pomegranates from our fields in Alicante.

Enjoy this 100% squeezed juice from the Mollar de Elche variety. Obtained from local crops and of national origin, the two-variety blend is considered to be of low acidity. We squeeze 100% of the pomegranate so that our juices don’t lose any of their magnificent properties and to ensure you notice the benefits both inside and out.

We can guarantee our juices retain all of the pomegranate’s properties. But how do we do this? It’s simple: we don’t waste the arils or the peel, which is where most of the fruit’s benefits are concentrated. You’ll find a mini-pomegranate in every bottle, a juice bursting with properties and real pomegranate flavour, and no preservatives or added sugars either!

As we mentioned, 100% pomegranate juices contain all the benefits and properties of this superfood, which means, like the pomegranate, they’re particularly rich in minerals like potassium.

They also have a high concentration of polyphenols, and, thanks to their low sodium but high potassium content, they have a healthy draining and diuretic effect. For all these reasons, they come highly recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.

In short, 100% squeezed juices are the best way to get a natural juice packed full of goodness. Choose your ideal bottle size, either 200 or 750 ml, and let us start taking care of you. You’ll love everything pomegranate can do for you!