Corporate Social Responsibility

The main objective of Vitalgrana is to help people improve their health as well as their physical and mental wellbeing in order to meet an optimal life quality taking advantage of the healthy properties of the pomegranate fruit.

In this way, Vitalgrana always tries to support sporting careers such as the Santa Pola Half Marathon, Elche Half Marathon, solidarity races organized by Miguel Hernandez University of Elche, etc.

On the other hand, Vitalgrana has two important projects: Granaeduca and the Project Bokoro, in addition, collaborates actively with the first division football team Elche C.F. and many NGOs.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Vitalgrana Granaeduca

GranaEduca is a project of Health Education aimed at enriching the knowledge and curiosity of the students in relation to the pomegranate fruit (origin, consumption and properties), promoting the pomegranate intake, healthy habits and physical exercise.

GranaEduca merge the three groups that comprise all the educational community; they are a group of different but inseparable responsibilities: family, industry and school. For this, Vitalgrana offers guided tours for school groups to the Pomegranate Tree Museum in Vitalgrana’s facilities.

Vitalgrana Bokoro Project

Vitalgrana cooperates with the missionary Maurice Nsambo in the Congolese region of Bokoro providing financial support for the educational project designed for Pygmy children.

The objective is to provide literacy and to improve the education quality for the children and young Pygmies of the region.

Vitalgrana collaborates with many NGOs, most of all, by providing pomegranate 100% natural juice with the intention to help better the health of the people affected by radioactivity (specially children) from the problem originated by the explosion in the Tschernobyl nuclear power plant that persist today.

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