For those who want to feel better

The pomegranate, the fruit that takes care of you

If you feel that the day to day begins to weigh you down, that stress takes its toll and that you no longer feel as well as before, the pomegranate may have the solution you are looking for. And it is that this super fruit keeps in its interior an endless number of properties with which you will be able to recover your maximum well-being, fill you with energy and start feeling much better.

According to various scientific studies, the pomegranate is an ideal component tin leading a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the benefits that it brings, such as, for example, the control of cholesterol levels and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases or other diseases such as Cancer. In addition, according to these same studies, pomegranate juice increases testosterone levels and increases sexual desire in both men and women.

Therefore, if you are looking to start taking care of yourself, here we bring you the solution!

It has never been easier to be informed about us

Pomegranate juice

The Vitalgrana juice is made using the pomegranates that we grow in Alicante (Spain). These are subjected to a production process in which all their parts are separated before joining them again in the ideal quantity. The reason is that the nutrients and proportions are not the same throughout the entire fruit. So, we get a juice that has just what you need to take care of yourself and feel good.


Omega 5

Vitalgrana Omega 5 are the first capsules obtained from cold pressed organic pomegranate seed oil. The Omega 5 acid obtained from the pomegranate is one of the most potent antioxidants known. That is why it is perfect to combat the natural ageing process, fight against cardiovascular diseases, recover your vitality and improve glucose tolerance.


Our raw material

The Spanish pomegranate

At Vitalgrana we believe in the value and quality of our local products. We are convinced that natural is best, that's why we grow and harvest our own pomegranates in Alicante, Spain. Thus, we can control its quality throughout the entire process, since the pomegranates are sown and grown, until the pomegranate juice comes to you in the form of liquid health and ready to maximise your well-being.

The pomegranates we use have been planted and harvested by ourselves in Alicante, Spain.

An optimal combination

Spanish Mollar Pomegranate and Spanish Wonderful Pomegranate

Although all pomegranates are superfruits, not all are equal or give you the same properties in the same amount. For this reason, in Vitalgrana we make our juices using two varieties of pomegranates grown in Spain: the Mollar and the Wonderful, creating the perfect combination of flavour and nutrients.