Organic products, healthy and respectful of the environment

Take care of the environment whilst taking care of your health

At Vitalgrana we know that the natural is best. Therefore, our pomegranates come from local crops in which we carry out the entire production process, from harvesting to selection through manufacturing and monitoring at all times that the impact of our activity on the environment is minimal in tune with the philosophy of our project: respect for the environment and support for traditional agricultural activities.

In line with our commitment, much of our pomegranate production comes from certified organic farming. Therefore, we obtain high quality food with minimal impact on the environment using resources rationally, without using chemicals or artificial substances that can alter the natural biological cycle of the land or damage your health.

It has never been easier to be informed about us

Organic pomegranate juice

At Vitalgrana we want to take care of you while we pamper and preserve our environment, that's why we offer you Organic pomegranate juice, obtained from organic pomegranate crops in which the fruit has grown without any kind of pesticide or fertilizer. In them you will find fruit and nothing else.


Omega 5

The antioxidant power of the pomegranate is one of the most powerful that is known to date. So that you can enjoy it, we have created the Vitalgrana Omega 5 capsules from the organic pomegranate seed oil obtained by cold pressing, without any chemical substance.


Our raw material

Organic pomegranates from local crops

Our commitment to well-being starts at the beginning with local and organic pomegranate crops, using processes that respect the environment and support traditional activities. But, it extends further, to the manufacturing and to the distribution. Therefore, following our philosophy and values, at Vitalgrana we manufacture all our products without emitting any type of CO2 and no waste of nuclear origin.

And, to take home all this well-being in the form of juices and natural foods, we pack our juices using glass bottles, a 100% recyclable material capable of taking care of our products at the same time. Because it is an impermeable material, itguarantees that the juice is not contaminated by external agents and that it can keep its flavour, smell and composition unaltered.

Finally, in our effort to take care of people, we actively collaborate in several social responsibility projects such as Granaeduca and the Bokoro Project.

The commitment to your well-being leads us to take care of our environment through organic farming, following a process free of emissions and packaging in glass.

Values that make us unique

Quality, well-being and natural care

Our products are the best reflection of our values. The Organic range, obtained from organic pomegranates that respect the environment and natural processes, as well as our research effort, the result of wanting to offer you the best, are tangible proofs of our commitment and a fitting example of our values.