Vitalgrana, How is it made?

Vitalgrana is a project that begins its activity in the year 2008 when a group of 400 farmers, owners of 1 300 ha (13 000 000 m2) of a land known as “Els Carrissals” or “Los Carrizales”, located in El Hondo Natural Park between Elche and Crevillente and Las Salinas in Santa Pola (Alicante), decide to start a pioneering initiative, the Parc Natural Agrari Els Carrissals (PANAC). This project bases its philosophy on the respect for the environment and on the support to the traditional farming activities that had being developed for centuries in this territory, and all this covered by the philosophy of the European agricultural model.

«El Fondó» natural park native fauna

«El Fondó» natural park native fauna / «El Fondó» Natural Park

«El Fondó» Natural Park of Elche / Crevillente

The project Vitalgrana starts in October of 2011 with the assistance of multidisciplinary teams composed by chemists, biochemists, pharmacists, biologists, physicians, agronomists and industrial engineers, as well as many departments of the Miguel Hernandez University of Elche (Alicante), with the invaluable support of the Generalitat Valenciana, through budget allocations intended for research.

Vitalgrana commits to enhance the traditional growing of “MOLLAR DE ELCHE POMEGRANATES” main crop of the area and surroundings where our project is based. Thus, El Campo of Elche, Crevillente, Albatera, Vega Baja, etc. comprises approximately the 90% of pomegranate European production (with a production volume around 55 000 annual tones). This contributes for Vitalgrana to have the best commodity that is transported daily and harvested by hand. Currently, the DO “GRANADA MOLLAR DE ELCHE ” is been processed in the EU.

Who are we?

Nowadays, Vitalgrana has a high-qualified staff who combines the experience in the agri-food sector and the dynamism of a young team.

Innovation is one of the cornerstones in which our company growing is based. For this reason, in our catalogue we can appreciate a great variety of healthy products line: food line with juices, nectars and jams, food supplements and cosmetics.

Our facilities in aerial view

Our facilities in aerial view. Google Maps™

Our facilities

Vitalgrana does a complete industrial process

  • Vitalgrana facilities has a covered area of 5 000 m2 and an uncovered area of 1 000 m2.
  • The fresh pomegranate in season is harvested daily and transported to the factory to be processed.
  • The cold stores located inside the factory have a storage capacity of 1 000 000 kilos, during the waiting time before the industrial process.
  • The processing capacity of fresh fruit is 100 000 kilos a day. The year capacity to process fresh fruit is about 10 000 000 kilos/year.
  • The juice and nectar production line is around 15 000 litters/day.
  • The pomegranate seed oil Vitalgrana Omega 5 production line, is about 300 kilos/day, equivalent to a production of 400 000 capsules/day of 750 milligrams.
  • The Vitalgrana pomegranate own production capacity and the 400 associated farmers is about 6 000 000 kilos, the farming environment of Vitalgrana produces 55 000 tones of pomegranate which ensure the high quality of fresh pomegranate supply without limits.
Filling process
International Market

At present, Vitalgrana food line in Spain can be found in supermarkets and also in specialized shops. The food supplements and cosmetics are well placed in drugstores, parapharmacies and herbalists.

About the international market, Vitalgrana is established in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Poland, China and USA having as the next target the expansion to Arab countries, the Caribbean region and Brazil.

Mission & Vision

Vitalgrana’s MISION is to help people better their health and welfare with the purpose of reaching the highest life quality. To achieve this objective we are making available for people all the healthy pomegranate properties in the rind, inner membranes, arils and seeds.

For this, the main objective of Vitalgrana is that every food supplement offered to people must contain the maximum of healthy compounds (antioxidants, minerals and vitamins) that the pomegranate fruit has in its natural state.

Our VISION is aimed to be a global benchmark in the sector of pomegranate derived products, functional food, nutraceutical products and plant extracts, with the purpose of being recognized by the costumers as a welfare and health guarantee, based on clinical and scientific studies that support the effectiveness of Vitalgrana products.

Mission & Vision
Fundamental pillars

Among the fundamental pillars of Vitalgrana, there are:

  • Constant innovation resulting in the creation of new products 100% natural, that implies a contribution to better people health and well-being
  • Scientific and clinical research to guarantee the effectiveness of our products
  • Continuous quality improvement to obtain the best products
  • Ethical responsibility with the environment and the consumers
  • Customer service, always taking care of their needs

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